15 Things Every Middle-Aged Woman Needs In Her Handbag

  1. Panty liners and wet wipes – for when you sneeze, cough, laugh or have to jump on a trampoline to pretend you like little kids (and trampolines) at a family kid’s party.

  2. Thick foundation – to cover those break-outs of middle-aged acne or Rosacea triggered by all that intense red wine drinking exercise you’ve done recently.

  1. A timer – to make sure you don’t digress from your daily routine of a) pajamas by 3pm b) wine by 5pm, and c) bed by 9pm.

  2. Earplugs – so you can’t hear him when he begs for sex, mansplains or wants a money conversation.

  3. Aldi trolley coin – because one day… they will bring their Churros back.

  4. A backpacker’s expanding travel towel -for hot flushes.

  5. Spanx – in case you bump into another soulmate.

  6. Tweezers – for those rogue hairs that sprout when you’re away from home and are nurtured by office lighting.

  7. A pacifier – to remind you that life isn’t that bad.

  8. Snacks – for those hunger emergencies in between snacks.

  9. A hip flask – for your morning gin.

  10. A mini fan – because…menopause.

  11. Perfume – because you might be invisible, but you can still knock them dead with your scent.

  12. Condom – because you just never know

  13. Valium – In case there’s nowhere to buy coffee.

What have I missed?

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