"Losing him is a fear we live with daily."


Sometimes, I think only his fighting spirit, medication, and our vigilance (he would call it intrusion) have kept our son alive and capable of pursuing an independent life for himself in the city. 

Are You A "Shepherd Parent" Or Sheepdog?



"While shepherd parenting accepts the need for boundaries, its main emphasis is finding the appropriate level of support and collaboration to encourage positive behaviour and independence."

The Best Storage Solutions For Styling Your Home To Sell

The Styling Consultant

b92224d820820f6181cc8982a9724530 (1).jpeg

"One of the main priorities for buyers when they choose their new home – after the condition of the kitchen and bathrooms – is storage. We lead busy lives and the functionalism of a property is essential to our modern lifestyle.

"My Anxiety Was Turning Me Into A Toxic Parent"



"As a result of my anxiety, I pinned my “personal success and fulfilment” on motherhood, one of the hardest jobs in the world. 

"He Is Refusing To Grow: I'm Worried What Retirement Will Do To My Marriage"



"Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics of 2019 show a higher proportion of divorces where the marriage lasted 30 years or more - a surge that is expected to be compounded by COVID."

Mum Wishes She Knew Risks When Her Son Refused Medication



"The latest research into treatments suggests the benefits of short-term medication (for ADHD) outweigh the side effects"

Nine Mistakes I Made As An Owner Builder



"No one wants to have to learn from their own mistakes – particularly when there’s money involved – and the stakes are inevitably high when you take on the role of an owner-builder.

6 Luxury Products To Get You Through A COVID Winter

The Styling Consultant


"Comfort” means different things to different people. For some, it means being at one with nature, and for others means a beautiful meal, but for me, comfort is about nesting and making my home as inviting as possible."

Here's What Your Child With ADHD Needs From You



"Evidence has shown that parental support and connection are vital components for successful outcomes for kids with ADHD."


Seven Important Things To Consider Before You Pick A Daycare 


While every experienced educator endeavours to create an inclusive program that will engage each child, inevitably some activities will suit some children more than others. 


Parents, When Are We Going To Stop The Behaviour Of Our Boys?


Even animals can be conditioned to live in a domestic environment - so is there truly any excuse why men can't adapt to this new, equal environment?


"Shame and Rejection": I'm One Of Many Middle-aged Women Dealing With Blatant Ageism At Work 


The job market is a daunting prospect for women seeking part-time roles.


The 5 Essential Elements Of Boho Chic 


The Boho Chic style helps us feather a more welcoming nest in which to seek shelter from the COVID storm.


The 9 Surprising Truths of Empty-Nesting


Friends had warned me about Empty Nest Syndrome, and it was hard not to notice the way many of them looked wistfully into the distance each time I asked them about their kids. 


5 Reasons Buyers Love Neutrals

The Styling Consultant

"Neutrals maximise the light and space in your home. They provide a blank canvas for your buyers to imagine living there."

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