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This blog, known as "My Midlife Mayhem," is for progressive, middle-aged women who are empowered by change (and "the change"). It is for strong women who refuse to be invisible, give too many f*cks, or let society dictate who they should be. For the latest news and updates about my blog, subscribe in the box.   

Welcome To My Blog

My Midlife Mayhem

For Women Of A Certain Age And Attitude

My Midlife Mayhem is a blog for progressive, middle-aged women who embrace change (and "the change"), who are excited by the opportunities this chapter in their lives provides them to grow. It is for strong women who refuse to be invisible or put in the corner, give zero f*#ks about convention, and refuse to let society tell them who they should be. For my latest news and updates, subscribe in the box below.    


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