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Hi!  I'm Louisa, an experienced content writer and blogger who specialises in op-ed pieces and web and promotional content for small businesses.


My content writing services cover the vital components of any successful content marketing strategy:  High-quality web content (with SEO); content for email marketing and social media posts; basic website audits, and product descriptions. Additionally, I offer a selection of content writing packages for small businesses at the start of their online marketing journey.


Here's Why I'm The Right Person To Help Your Business


Eight years of blogging and three years of freelance writing have taught me the power of great content and best practice search engine optimisation for building trust and enduring relationships between businesses and their customers. 


From initial awareness to a decision, my customised, high-quality content takes your customers through the different touch points of the sales process. I guide them through their "buyers' journey" to the point they view your business as an authority about your product - and one that will solve their problems and answer their questions until they feel confident enough to commit.

"Small businesses rely on websites to engage their existing customers while attracting new ones."                Clutch

What Is Content Writing?

“These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched.”

                 Brian Clark

"Content writing is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content to optimise your website for search engines and traffic and for the purposes of digital marketing. It may include writing blog posts, articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as content for specific platforms." (Backlinko)


High-quality content steers your customers towards your business and helps them identify with your brand. It builds trust. It reassures them that your business and its products will meet their expectations.


According to Duct Tape Marketing, these are the three questions your business must answer:

1. Do you get me?

2. Can I trust you?

3. Did you keep your promise?


Content marketing reinforces your relevance and authority in the marketplace. It increases traffic to your site and helps harness a lasting relationship with your customers, old and new.


It is not enough anymore to stick a few products on a web page and hope for the best. For your business to succeed, you must prepare for every stage of your buyer's journey, i.e. have a marketing strategy that engages new customers and holds onto your existing ones (see image on left of Hubspot's suggested content), have a good product, and provide excellent customer service.

Here's how I Can Help Your Business Succeed...


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